Peerless India drivers: some datasheets

Here is an email I wrote on 14 July 2004, pointing to some datasheets on the Peerless India Website which seemed to match the data on the printed, badly xeroxed sheets of paper that Jeetubhai had given me:

    Jeetubhai's Peerless drivers have two model numbers, one which he seems
    to use, and one which is written on one corner of those badly xeroxed
    datasheets. If I use the _other_ part number, then I find that the
    Peerless India Website has the datasheets for (at least many of) them.

    Here goes:

    1.  The SR10DT, which Angshu has used and which I'm going to now, is a
        25mm fabric dome tweeter, also called 25FG-8. Check

    2.  The new 25mm silk dome tweeter is T25SM-06. Check

    3.  The new 25mm Al dome tweeter is the T25AG-06. Check

    4.  The 3" full range driver which Jeetubhai offers is the LK-76. It is
        also called the S07NE-8. This one's not there, but the S07NE-4 is
        there, with slightly different specs:

    5.  That beautiful 6.5" Kevlar woofer I was waxing eloquent about is the
        M16KH-08. Check

    6.  The 4" woofer is the S10NG-08. Couldn't find this one.

    7.  The 5.25" woofer is S13NI-8. I couldn't find this one, but I found
        the S13NG-8 and the S13NI-4. Check:

        The SPL curve I have on the printed page matches the NG-08 more closely.

    Couldn't find the 8" (S20NH-8) and 10" (S25NL-8) woofers.

    Hope this adds more fuel to the fire. :)

When I tried accessing some of the sites today, I couldn't reach them. Others are very much there. The Kevlar driver's page is there.

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