Asawari Mk II part 2: the enclosure

The enclosure is very similar to that of the Mark 1, as expected. As described in the introduction, it's not as deep as the Mark 1, and has a smarter looking base, a lighter looking glass top. Otherwise, one could mistake the Mark 1 and 2 for each other.

As is evident from the internals drawing, there is no crossover chamber. There is a separate chamber for the tweeter. The horizontal braces just in front of the crossover area are C-shaped, as shown in the exploded drawing below.

The corner detail is very similar to that of the Mark 1, except that we are using 25mm MDF sheets here, instead of the 20mm plywood used there.

The result is quite delightful, a better-looking monkey coffin than the Mark 1, primarily because of the better surface finish and better real-wood veneer (found some excellent American cherry veneer which matches the colour and grain of the same type of timber used for the corner pillars). I've used PU (poly-urethane) polish here. The carpenter has applied about five coats of sealant each rubbed down with emery paper, and the final PU coat has been sprayed on.


The Peerless India Kevlar midbass units and North D25 tweeters are visible. The yellow colour of Kevlar cones makes any wood-finished speaker look good, so it must sound superb. :)

The recessing for the drivers has turned out quite well. There's 6mm of recess for the tweeter, and one veneer-sheet-deep recess (about 3mm) for the midbass units. The midbass units are supposed to be surface mounted, and have a very thin gasket below their flange for air sealing. But the Mark 1 had taught me that they seem to rise too much above the surface of the baffle that way -- more than a millimetre. Therefore, this time I recessed their cutouts by about 3mm, and added a gasket made of thick packing sheet to fill the recess. The driver, with mounting screws correctly tightened, goes into the recess just enough for the edges of its flange to align perfectly with the baffle surface.

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