All things related to audio systems

This section will contain everything related to audio systems.

Notes, articles

  • A reading list: books and stuff which a DIY audio devotee must read
  • Engineers too listen to music: a short note talking about what I learned about engineers in major semiconductor companies and their approach to evaluating quality of audio equipment
  • Headphones and earphones: what I discovered about this category of products
  • Music systems which I have lived with; just an account of my personal history
  • The media centre: a new product category (new in 2011) and how it is changing home entertainment and digital media consumption. A must for every home!
  • The sat-sub myth: my technical analysis of a certain class of glamorous, mediocre-sounding "lifestyle speakers" which are held in very high esteem by the Indian middle class, thanks to canny marketing
  • Your first good system: a long article I wrote to guide friends who want to purchase their first good music system (Indian context, dated 2011)
  • Jeetubhai revisited: the Peerless India speaker driver distributor's business continues, and Peerless India drivers are now available for sale even online through them
  • Some Peerless India drivers: whatever I could find in my ramblings


  • The Asawari family: floorstander MTM speakers with 6.5" midbass drivers and passive 2-way crossovers:
    • Early days of DIY: a personal history of my experiments with DIY audio
    • The Asawari: Peerless India 6.5" Kevlar drivers and Peerless India T26 tweeters. Full plywood construction with superb inert enclosure due to EVA sheet linings and good bracing, without any MDF. My first serious DIY speaker design and construction, circa 2006
    • The Asawari Mark II: floorstander MTM speakers with 6.5" Peerless India Kevlar cone midbass drivers and North Creek D25 silk dome tweeters
    • The Asawari Mark III: floorstander MTM with 6.5" Vifa P17 drivers and North Creek D25 tweeters fitted into cabinets designed for the Asawari Mark II. The Vifa P17 were chosen because the Peerless India Kevlar drivers used for the Mark II were no longer available by the time it was time to put the system together, so the same Mark II was used with the Vifa P17. Not documented here, since the drivers are obsolete anyway. Better Asawaris were made later.
    • The Asawari Mark IV: Dayton RS180P 6.5" paper-mix cone midbass drivers, Tymphany XT25TG30 ring radiator tweeters, crossed over at 2.2KHz 6th order
    • The Asawari Mark V: Dayton RS180 6.5" aluminium cone midbass drivers, Seas 27TDFC fabric dome tweeters, crossed over at about 1.5KHz 6th order
    • The Asawari Mark VI: Dayton RS180P 6.5" paper-mix cone midbadd drivers, SB Acoustics soft dome tweeter, crossed over at about 1.5KHz 6th order
  • The Darbari: floorstander two-box TMW active design with Dayton RS270 10" woofer, Dayton RS150 6" midbass used as midrange, and Peerless HDS dome tweeter, driven by MiniDSP 4x10HD and six channels of amplification
  • Sexy speaker cables: how to build expensive looking, robust, speaker cables
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