All things related to audio systems

This section will contain everything related to audio systems. This includes

  • notes related to music listening, audio sound reproduction, audio system construction, technologies, audio equipment, etc.
    • A reading list: books and stuff which a DIY audio devotee must read
    • Engineers too listen to music: a short note talking about what I learned about engineers in major semiconductor companies and their approach to evaluating quality of audio equipment
    • Headphones and earphones: what I discovered about this category of products
    • Music systems which I have lived with; just an account of my personal history
    • The media centre: a new product category (new in 2011) and how it is changing home entertainment and digital media consumption. A must for every home!
    • The sat-sub myth: my technical analysis of a certain class of glamorous, mediocre-sounding "lifestyle speakers" which are held in very high esteem by the Indian middle class, thanks to canny marketing
    • Your first good system: a long article I wrote to guide friends who want to purchase their first good music system (Indian context, dated 2011)
    • Jeetubhai revisited: the Peerless India speaker driver distributor's business continues, and Peerless India drivers are now available for sale even online through them
    • Some Peerless India drivers: whatever I could find in my ramblings
  • actual projects: amplifiers, speakers, and other pieces of audio equipment I've built or am building
    • Early days of DIY: a personal history of my experiments with DIY audio
    • The Asawari: my first serious DIY speaker design and construction, circa 2006
    • The Asawari Mark II: floorstander MTM speakers with 6.5" Peerless India Kevlar cone midbass drivers and North Creek D25 silk dome tweeters
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