Jeetubhai re-visited

(This was originally written in Dec 2010)

I wanted to rejuvenate the Asawari Mark II project which has been lying dormant for a couple of centuries now. One of the biggest tragedies of that project is that I'm running short of two Peerless 6.5" Kevlar drivers. I have six drivers and want to make two pairs of Asawari Mark II speakers. C'est la vie.

So, a friend called up Jeetubhai's phone number.

Wonder of wonders, it was answered. I don't remember what name the gent gave, but he said he was Jeetubhai's son. Apparently he looks after the business now, and he's still selling drivers. The business is known as Varsha Electronics. Unfortunately, no 6.5" Kevlar drivers. He has another driver, a 5.25" Kevlar.

He's also net-savvy. Within minutes, he'd emailed us softcopies of the stuff he has.

I just thought this is too good an opportunity to miss, so I'm hosting all the softcopies of documents he sent us. His PPT file has photos of all his Peerless drivers, many of which are the usual suspects we have talked about before. (You can see the TG25 dome tweeter, the two versions of the 10" paper-cone woofers with two different magnet sizes, etc. Old friends all.) The Peerless-Data PDF file has horribly poor-quality scans of data sheets of his Peerless drivers. I suspect these are scanned from the faded rags Jeetubhai had shown us so many years back when we'd visited him at Galeda Dham. The 50mm dome tweeter is a surprise. He has sent us four photos and a PDF file with data about this driver. I believe he's quoting Rs.1,350 MRP for each of these drivers.

You can reach him at varshaelectronics at gmail dot com. The name we saw as the human-readable full name with the email address was "Jitendra Doshi". I guess this is the father's name -- one of the emails has been signed "Mayank Doshi" with a phone number, 98210 26522. However, another email has been signed "Jitendra Doshi", so I don't know. If you find anything interesting, please email him directly. He seems eager to do business and quite friendly.

Update April 2013

There is probably no need to contact Varsha Electronics any more. has a good collection of Peerless India drivers. Most important, they have good 6.5" midbass drivers, the key size needed to make 2-way speakers which can approximate a full-range frequency response like the Asawari series. Varsha Electronics did not have these drivers. They also have some tweeters which seem to be very interesting -- they are fabric dome with low Fs, allowing for low crossover frequencies to mate with troublesome midbass drivers. As long as has stocks of these drivers, there's no need to explore Varsha Electronics. I suspect the same team which ran Varsha Electronics has now started operating diyaudiocart. If only they would also offer a good range of inductors and metallised film capacitors for crossovers, life would truly look up.

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